Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Big Move Ahead for Wonders!

Apologies for the unforeseen absence, but I have spectacular news with respect to the fate of the Wonders of Life pavilion... there is no official word on what's happening, but someone sent me news on the big move, in which I have happily pictorialised below:

Which begs me the question, which countries are interested in having the Wonders of Life pavilion as their new home? I wonder if cities such as Melbourne and Hannover are interested. And even wackier, how in the hypothalamus are we going to acquire fifty military helicopters to do the heavy lifting? The drop will probably be painful, too.

Feel free to discuss matters on this blog. You can also spark a discussion over on Twitter with the tag #WoLCopter. And be sure to check the new mirror of the informational site, WOL4EVA on uHostAll if you would like more information!

Keep an eye on the blog for further updates as it appears.

UPDATE: Wait, it seems that I have received another message pertaining to the massive relocation program, and it turns out that I misread it dramatically. It turns out that the news was meant to say the following: Due to its weight and absolute support on Epcot property, it is not possible to relocate the Wonders of Life pavilion primarily by helicopter alone. As the news was meant to be announced on April Fools day to boost morale, misreading the news just makes it a lot more humiliating.

But all in all, there is still hope in having the pavilion live on, worldwide, without having to lug it around the continent on helicopter (in which it would find it very heavy!) on a non-stop basis. Blogs and websites dedicated to keeping the pavilion's memories alive, even on social media, help to share the memory and discuss possibilities.

Possibilities, in which I will happily revive and keep running the blog, for the purpose of not only keeping the pavilion alive, but also share a little fun every once in a while.

I hope you had a safe and joyful April Fool's season!

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