Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fools Day of the Year, 2014

Documentation from an undisclosed source has advised members of the council that the Wonders of Life pavilion will take a different way to advertise its future attractions in an unconventional manner. Believe it or not, as focusing on healthy living isn't well received by guests as it used to, the pavilion will focus its efforts on focusing on the morbid aspects of life. However tasteless as it sounds, it will much rather demonstrate the most uncanny (and unbearably stupid) ways to lose life.

One spokesperson quoted he happened to have viewed a viral video which explained just that, and noticed just how surprisingly successful the theme of "epic fail expiration" could be used to refresh new life on an aging pavilion on life and health. Perhaps in today's day and age, to embrace how not to "expire" could help others learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Despite being all stitches and giggles, one example he cites, would be to retrofit Cranium Command with beer goggles, in which Trousedale would be forced to pilot a drunk, from night out to hangover, as penalty for his possible misdeeds in training.

There will be details after the cut as provided...

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However, there are no details to recount on the plans to "put a smiley face on death" for the purposes of life and health...

...because such a campaign similarly and already exists!

April fools. Welcome back readers, and for some reason, a hectic schedule is the reason why I haven't been posting recently as I once did, but hopefully I'll rectify the schedule drop by following loose ends as quickly as I can muster.

Of course, looking back at another blog, WOL4EVA's HELP! database on advertising campaigns, there is a reason why the shown advert is a very interesting feature that deserved first place on the April Fools post. In the circle of public transport (starting success in Melbourne, Australia), there is a public safety campaign that crawled from the depressingly graphic to a much rather amusing method, especially in the world of safety and its link to healthier living (as in not getting hurt and avoiding injury).

To my knowledge (who doesn't?), Dumb Ways to Die is unconventional, and entertaining in delivering the safety message to the masses - demonstrating the possibly stupid ways to die, with irresponsible or mishap behaviour around public transport (such as crossing rail tracks between platforms instead of designated crossings) being the most stupid (and preventable) way to die. One can only browse online and find just how successful the campaign is, which makes me wonder a little... perhaps Wonders of Life may have a few guts left to have somehow honoured its contribution to safety awareness - one component to a safe and sane life. At least in this decade, for now.

And we will return to normal programming in three, two...

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