Friday, December 24, 2010

"From All Of Us... To All Of You...

... a Very Merry Christmas!"
- Jimny Cricket

Yes, being the FanArtist I am, I have decided to compose an optimistic yet interesting scenario pertaining to poor obscurely-forgotten Buzzy... and what would happen if he ever set foot out of the pavilion this holiday season.

In this scenario, I've chosen Stitch, the now commonplace-present blue furred alien experiment furball, to be in charge of gift-giving to the Commando (now in charge of guarding the deserted pavillion-now-convention-center). Of course, Buzzy's training since 1989 hasn't prepared him for this situation... so what would Buzzy do?

Anyways, for those young and all, have a wonderful, healthy and happy holiday season, and here's to a safe and happy new year!

Until next time!

PS: And for those who think Stitch would make a great recruit for the Cranium Commandos, think again! Hiring an alien experiment would may as well result in... uhm... *ahem* It won't be pretty.

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