Sunday, August 8, 2010

WOL4EVA Video Advert Live on YouTube

Dear readers,

Today, I have managed to set up a video advert for the blog. Having received some inspiration from the 'scroll-one-way, scroll the other' videos (such as the 'Lost Generation'), I decided to work in the style of one of these adverts, and most likely in what some of us think of the "Wonders of Life".

But sure, the wording may be a little off, as I was playing around with the applications involved in making this video - Flash CS4 to be exact. Any critiquing may be of big help, fellow readers.

Fortunately, some of my efforts paid off, and here is the video (without narrations). If you like the video, then I recommend that you send the link to others. Till then, I'm off gathering some essay information for a few attractions. So, which one would you like me to do first?

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